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Bio Sculpture Gel Nails

Bio Sculpture Gel Nails are the perfect solution for beautiful nails. They are a durable gel that is applied to the natural nail and cured under uv light, this gives them a strong flexible, glossy finish that can last up to 3 weeks on hands and up to 8 weeks on toes.

Bio Gel Nails are the number one choice for most of our clients as they are:


  • Non damaging to the natural nails.
  • They strengthen and condition with no damage.
  • Dries instantly (so for us guilty smudgers this a miracle).
  • Long wearing, chip proof.
  • Over 140 colours to choose from! , clear and french.

Go that little bit further with Bio Gel matching polishes

We also offer something a bit unique at beauty of a kind called 'Twinkle Toes'. This is clear bio gel mixed with any glitter of your choice or even on top of a colour gel. This creates fantastic nails that you have created as a client so will be one of a kind and look great on a summers day!


  • gel overlays £28
  • with extensions £35
  • gel infills £25
  • toes £20
  • twinkle toes (bio gel and glitter) £22
  • gel hands and feet £40 (offer)
  • repair (after 4 days) £4
  • soak off £10 (or free with new set)
  • nail art free hand from £5
  • gems £3 
  • acrylic overlays £28
  • acrylic with extensions £35